IBC Filler

Australian Designed and Built

The IBC filler can batch the product by flow rate or weight.

The system will batch products with high accuracy and repeatability.

Accommodates a range of liquids, filling range to 1000 litre. The unit can be integrated with conveyors to automate the filling process.


Features and Options:
• Specially designed to fill IBCs at optimum rate
• Fill straight onto the weigh scale
• Variable rate filling for bottom filling
• High Rate model available
• Controls mounted on the filling nozzle
• Heavy duty weigh scale
• Australian designed and built
• Stainless steel construction (Gal-Dip support base)
• CIP Capable
• Non Drip Nozzle
• Manual or automated nozzle placement.
• Can be set up to suit drum filling
• Fill Estimate: will vary with product and facility set-up
Pump Options: 125 l/min, 150 l/min, 250 l/min
(additional options available)

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